P.C.B. Over-Moulding Solution

Synapco develops a streamlined Over-Moulding process and was recently commissioned to innovate a process, which could secure a circuit board into a fully encapsulated plastic enclosure. The delivery time for this innovation was just 8 weeks.

The client informed us that the traditional resin casting or ‘potting’ would not meet their requirements. They stipulated that their finished product must have the following attributes:

  • waterproof  (IP 65),
  • shock absorption,
  • a high quality finish,
  • tamperproof,
  • transparency (in order to see L.E.D’s on the circuit board),
  • competitive production costs for small runs (less than 300),
  • lightweight,
  • as dimensionally small as possible,
  • low tooling cost,
  • quick turn around.

At Synapco, we thrive on these challenges and immediately started investigating which process would best suit our client’s needs. After some initial investigation, we discovered that not only was it feasible to achieve what our customer required, we were able to meet their extremely tight timeline requirements as well.

Over the following weeks we worked closely with our clients developing equipment required to produce a Low-Pressure/Low-Temperature moulding process.  On completion, we then successfully Over-Moulded these delicate electronics without damaging any product – the perfect result.

Low-Pressure Moulding has proven to be an extremely cost-effective process, which achieves a very high-quality product capable of withstanding the harshest of environments.

Synapco is now able to offer these cost reducing benefits directly to our customers.

  • The Circuit board demounting and pre-moulding board preparation is managed by our operator during the mould cycle. This process saves two production steps in the Over-Moulding process.
  • The product is dispatched fully assembled, saving our client labour and material costs.
  • Only one tool is required for production, whereas most plastic ‘clamshell’ enclosures require more expensive complex tooling.